Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Omnivore's 100 Poll

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In August, a meme was started by John of Very Good Taste that has become viral among foodies: The Omnivore's 100. I've done it. My friends have done it. We ooh and aah over how many each of us have tasted. It's kinda fun. Of course, everyone has their own ideas about what should and shouldn't be on the list. Here are some other lists you might want to check out:

• A vegetarian one by Barbara at Tigers & Strawberries.
• A vegan one by Hanna at Bittersweet.
• A Japanese one by Maki at Just Hungry.

I keep seeing it pop up in many food blogs, and I think a POLL is in order. I'd love to know how many of The Omnivore's 100 you've tried. Joanie See has even compiled a visual version of the list in Flickr as well as descriptions to help you out on some of the more obscure ones (plus she's added a few extra).

The poll is in the upper-right corner of my blog! You can change your vote at a later date, too.

{As of today, I've tasted 53.}

I think this is the start of an idea for a New Year's Eve party. Everyone can bring something they haven't tried from the list as an appetizer. The one who's tried the most wins a prize. Any other omnivore party ideas?
"All of life is a dispute over taste and tasting."
—Friedrich Nietzsche


NKP said...

It is appalling how little I have tried. I really must get out there!

Anonymous said...

We've tried 62 for sure...can't recall something as simple as bagna cauda though. There are some items left that I'd give a try...Bellini for instance, sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed seeing where I am in tasting!