Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ottawa Metro Restaurant Reviews

In September 2009, I became a weekly food and wine columnist for Metro Ottawa newspaper. Check out my restaurant reviews every Tuesday in Metro Ottawa.

Ottawa Urban Foodie Reviews

La Porto a Casa 4/5 ~Best Italian in Ottawa

222 Lyon 4/5 ~Small plates

Issac's 3/5 ~Lots of veggies (Closed)

Murray Street 4/5 ~Inspired

Wellington Gastropub 4/5 ~Comfortable and animated

Bombay Masala 3.5/5 ~Pleasant Indian fare

Pelican Grill 2.5/5 ~Not enough charm

Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro 4.5/5 ~Sweet times (Currently closed)

Black Cat Bistro 5/5 ~Impeccable

Ahora 2.5/5 ~Mexican mood and food

La Cucina 3/5 ~Satisfying

Mystiko 3/5 ~Authentic Greek cuisine

The Moonroom 3.5/5 ~Enchanting

Absinthe 3/5 ~Go for the green fairy

Benny's Bistro 4/5 ~A touch of Paris

Navarra 4/5 ~Octopus and pig cheeks

Canvas 3/5 ~Fit for summer

Black Dog Bistro 3.5/5 ~Intimate, charming

The Grand Pizzeria & Bar 2.5/5 ~Go for the pizza

Island Jerk 3/5 ~Homey Caribbean

Amber Garden & Dalmacia Restaurant 3/5 ~Loosen your belt

Graffiti's Italian Eatery & Saloon 2/5 ~Satisfactory

Von's Bistro 2/5 ~Friendly but tired

Savana Café 4/5 ~Taste the islands (Closed)

The Diner 2/5 ~Hospitable and comforting

Zuni Grill 3/5 ~Intersection of flavours

Restaurant E18ghteen 4.5/5 ~A top notch restaurant

Shafali, Sitar, Haveli 3/5 ~Two buffets and one lunch special

La Cabana 2.5/5 ~El Salvadoran food

ZenKitchen 4/5 ~Fusion vegetarian

Allium 3.5/5 ~Flavourful bistro

The Whalesbone Oyster House 4/5 ~Sustainable seafood

Big Easy's Seafood & Steak House 3/5 ~New Orleans' style seafood and steak

ZaZaZa 3/5 ~Novel but flat

Flying Piggy's Bistro Italiano 2.5/5 ~Whimsical but tired

Sukhothai, Royal Thai, Sala Thai, Singha Thai 4/5, 3.5/5, 3/5, 3/5 ~Pad Thai best at Sukhothai

Atelier 5/5 ~Food and science

Tavola 3.5/5 ~Reasonable Italian

Chez Lucien 3/5 ~Gourmet burgers and pub fare

West End Station Bistro (now closed) 4.5/5 ~Fine Food

Lunch Rush Reviews

Simply Biscotti 4/5 ~Double-baked goodness

Nandos 3.5/5 ~Less fat, more flavour

K&S On the Keys 3/5 ~Tasty bites in the burbs

The French Baker 4/5 ~Freshly baked bread

Pure Power Juice Bar 3.5/5 ~Hot crêpes, cold smoothies

Shaan Curry House 4/5 ~Kiss of India

Serious Cheese 4.5/5 ~Cheesy comfort

La Bottega Nicastro Fine Food Shop 5/5 ~Best sandwiches in Ottawa

Mucho Burrito 4/5 ~Mucho choice and taste

Merivale Fish Market 4/5 ~Best fish 'n' chips in town

Indian Express Food & Sweets 5/5 ~Best Indian food in town

Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster & Fish Supply 4.5/5 ~Best sustainable fish sandwiches

Smoke's Poutine 1/5

Green Rebel 3/5 ~Healthy and fast lunches

The Piggy Market 4/5 ~A taste of local

The Green Door 4.5/5 ~Vegetarian plates by weight that taste great

House of Georgie Sorento's 3.5/5 ~Pizza 'n' gravy

Wild Oat 3.5/5 ~All natural goodness at Glebe hangout

Hintonburger 4/5 ~Best burgers

Ombrella Pizza Cones 3/5 ~Pizza cones - a fresh idea (Closed)

DiRienzo Foods 3.5/5 ~Simple but good sandwiches

The Scone Witch 3.5/5 ~Spellbinding scone sandwiches

Jean-Albert's 3.5/5 ~Nostalgic eatery serves up Southern comfort

Sweet Basil 2.5/5 ~Sweet but misses the mark

Millers Oven 2.5/5 ~A trip back in time

Phu Yen 3/5 ~Kanata's hottest little pho house

Thyme & Again 4.5/5 ~Delightful lunch time after time

Kettleman's Bagel Co. 4.5/5 ~A quick bagel bite that's open all day

Life of Pie 4.5/5 ~A constant craving

Panda Garden Buffet 3/5 ~Buffet hits and misses

Shawarma Palace 4/5 ~Ottawa: Canada's shawarma capital

Vera's Burger Shack 4/5 ~Vera's Burger Shack stacks up

Go For Sushi 2.5/5 ~Sushi a go go

Papa Sam's 4/5 ~Papa Sam, you make good pizza

Art-is-in-Bakery 5/5 ~Mastering the fine art of the perfect sandwich

Parma Ravioli 4/5 ~Heavenly meatball submarine sandwiches

Stone Soup Foodworks 4/5 ~Souplicious

Misto Fine Food Emporium 4.5/5 ~Veal Manicotti that's worth the drive

Wild Wing 3.5/5 ~101 wild flavour options

Zola's 3.5/5 ~Warm comfort food never gets tired

Cuisine & Passion 4/5 ~Passion for cuisine

Tomaso 5/5 ~Thin crust pizzas are the specialty

Ralph & Sons 4/5 ~Old-fashion Diner goodness

LUNCH 2.5/5 ~A brown-bag lunch to go

Pestos 2.5/5 ~Italian deli needs better sandwich artist

Edgar 5/5 ~Tiny bistro, impeccable food

Luna Café 4/5 ~Charm and Crêpes

Louis’ Restaurant & Pizzeria 4/5 ~pizza pies with personality

Nile Bakery 4/5 ~Traditional Lebanese pies stuffed with tasty fillings, and CHEAP

Baja Burger Shack 4.5/5 ~Travel to Baja without ever leaving Ottawa (Open in the summer)

3 Sisters Bakery 5/5 ~A tale of 3 Sisters and their delicious eats

The Greek Souvlaki Shack 5/5 ~Souvlaki and other drool-worthy items

Bite This 5/5 ~Tuck into food truck eats

Murray's Market 4/5 ~Charm and great food

Pure Gelato 4/5 ~Not purely gelato

Coconut Palm Restaurant 4.5/5 ~Crispy noodles are very addictive

Le Muffin Plus 5/5 ~Ottawa's Soup Guy

Credible Edibles 3/5 ~Not incredible (Closed)

Mamma Grazzi's 4.5/5 ~Brado is bravo

Bexx 3.5/5 ~Food truck perogies

Mekong 4/5 ~Mekong magic

The Red Apron 4.5/5 ~Lavish lunches

Grocery Store Salads Farm Boy, Metro, Sobeys ~which one was the best?

Five Guys 3/5 ~Although it beats out drive-through eats, some areas need work

Wellington Sandwiches 3.5/5 ~Homey charm

Sippy Cup Café 3/5 ~Best of both worlds — kids can play while you sip a steaming cup of java

The Smoque Shack 5/5 ~The search for finger-licking good ribs in Ottawa is over

Colonnade Pizza 3.5/5 ~A taste of traditional goodness at Colonnade

Nokham Thai 3.5/5 ~Best Hot & Sour soup

Bowich 5/5 ~Bowich has the secret to the perfect sandwich

Lapointe Fish 4/5 ~Fish great; fries not

Thi Fusion 3.5/5 ~Stylish take on a taste of Asia

Sausage Kitchen 4/5 ~Hearty lunch

Lazy Pickle 4.5/5 ~Not lazy after all

Brian’s Butchery & Deli 3/5 ~Deli delivers simplicity

Salang Kabob House 3.5/5 ~Eats flavoured with Afghan tradition

Pressed 4.5/5 ~Panini perfection

Golden Palace 2/5 ~Egg rolls reign

Corazón de Maiz 4/5 ~Mexican eats to warm winter

Mugena's 3/5 ~Jammin’ & eatin’

Stella Luna 4.5/5 ~Start Valentine's with Paninis at Stella Luna then go skating on the canal

Rainbow Foods 3.5/5 ~Fresh eats

Francesco's 2/5 ~Italian charm, but...

Viva Loca 4/5 ~Classy and locally-made

Hintonburg Public House 4.5/5 ~Home away from home

El Tucan 3/5 ~Deep-fried ice cream

Tennessy Willems 4/5 ~Cast a pizza wish & be enchanted

Bread & Sons 4/5 ~Follow the brown paper bags to tastiness

Arturo’s Market 3/5 ~Tasty soup options

Los tacos de Mauro 3.5/5 ~Dreamy guacamole

Schnitzel Works 3.5/5 ~This schnitzel works

Planet Coffee 4/5 ~Tasty eats and sweet treats

Grounded Kitchen 4.5/5 ~Grounded in plenty of tasty options

42 Crichton St. 4.5/5 ~42 Crichton Street Fine Food is mighty fine

Odile 5/5 ~Perfection in the details

Fleur Tea House 3/5 ~Tea shop could be a winner with a few small tune-ups

BOM (Burgers on Main) 3.5/5 ~OM burgers fail to blow taste buds away

Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana 3.5/5 ~Buon appetito! Manicotti, gelato and cannoli all shine

All good things come to an end: a look at Lunch Rush