Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Join Me

If you would like to join me as I cook my way through a cooking school curriculum (currently Basic Pastry), send me an email with "Whisk Wednesdays/Whenever" in the subject line. I'd love to have your help, feedback, and input!

Each week (if possible), we'll post what we've been working on for the "class". I will post the page numbers of the base recipes that you can use or adapt in my current post.

Even though we've already started doesn't mean you can't jump in. Although each class builds on the last one, they can each stand on their own too. These are the few rules we have:

• You must own the book Le Cordon Bleu at Home.
• You must post regularly. If after two months you haven't posted a recipe from Whisk Whenever, then we'll remove your blog from the blogroll.
• You can post the ingredients, but the method is under copyright. Readers should be inspired and encouraged to buy the book.

We hope you join us!

Schedule for Whisk Wednesdays/Whenever
Click HERE for the current schedule.

Buy the Book

In Canada from Chapters

In the United States from Amazon

In the United States from Alibris (used book store)


Through the Tuesdays with Dorie bake-along-blog, I found sweet, friendly, ambitious, and busy Kayte (from Grandma's Kitchen Table) who was interested in joining me. And what a mover and shaker she was. She got us organized, bouncing ideas back and forth through email since she lives in Indiana and I live in Canada, and we cheered each other on to get this up and running. She even enlisted a friend of hers, Shelley, who has a wonderfully written blog called InsomniMom. I look forward to reading their posts for Whisk Wednesdays and in-between! Thank you two for joining me. And now we have more members! Check the sidebar to see the current list of members!


Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

I love your blog! I went to Le Cordon Bleu. I have that book. LOL I know that curriculum! Hopefully I'll get to join in from time to time. I hate hollandaise but I love love love bearnaise. I think it's the tarragon.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. I just bought the book, and I'd liek to join. With Kayte's encouragement, I will join. I need and want to join something like this, that helps me to understand basic french sauces/cooking and build an appreciation for cusine. Thank you for starting such a fantastic group. My husband is a wine maker, and I learn from him about all things wine, but my main focus is wine pairings, and I would love to be bale to pair my meals from Whisk Wednesdays with wine recommendations on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Can we substitute another veggie for week 2's artichokes? Although I enjoy them in some dishes (spinach artichoke dip, for instance), I don't really enjoy them as a stand alone veggie with steak. Perhaps I can do some asparagus or broccolini instead? :)

Shari said...

Hi Becke

That's a good question. Thanks for asking. Since the focus is on Bearnaise sauce, you don't even have to do the artichokes if you don't want to. Substitute what you like; asparagus sounds good! Have fun.


NKP said...

What a great idea, cooking classes in an online community. Brilliant, I must check this book out...

Michelle said...

I just bought the book and will be joining in a week or so. I am excited and I love...love cooking with sauces!