Monday, February 6, 2012

Ottawa and Taffy on the Snow

Taffy on the Snow is nature's best candy. Though I usually associate it as a sugar shack tradition, I was excited to see it offered at Ottawa's Winterlude. As part of our skate on the Rideau Canal Skateway, which is the world's largest skating rink, we stopped to indulge in this sweet treat.

While talking to the taffy maker, I learned that in one week he has gone through 300 kg (over 600 pounds) of maple syrup! For the "snow", he grinds up bags of ice cubes. And each taffy pop costs $3.

The pure maple syrup is boiled to the soft ball stage (about 235˚F).

boiling the maple syrup

Then, it's poured onto the snow and allowed to cool slightly. Using a popsicle stick, the taffy is rolled around the stick into a ball.

pouring the maple syrup

placing the popsicle sticks

letting them cool

rolling the taffy

The crunchy snow crystals on the taffy make an unstable but delicious marriage of ice and warmth. And it just might be a better business idea than a lemonade stand!

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    Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

    As a kid I remember so many trips to the sugar shack for this special treat! Now it is only a distant memory living in the west.

    Malak said...

    This looks like a magical, ancient procedure! Love it! Great photo story.

    Lynda said...

    What a fun post. I wish I lived in Ottawa so I could have one.

    Elva G Lamont said...

    This is something miraculous! How much pieces of taffy we can expect from one cup of maple syrup ?


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    EB of SpiceDish said...

    What a simple idea! I love it.

    Melanie Jackson said...

    That's one of Calder's favourite treats! There's a maple taffy vendor at the Jaques Cartier site too - perfect for refuelling after the snow slides.

    Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

    Val - Maybe you can make them at home. I might give it a try. :)

    Malak - Simple too.

    Lynda - Come visit in the winter and we'll go to a sugar bush. :)

    Elva - I'll have to try making it myself to find out....

    EB - Do you think you'll try it yourself? It looks simple enough.

    Melanie - I hope to hit the snow slides this weekend, if all goes well. :)

    The Black Peppercorn said...

    I just love Winterlude! I don`t get there as much as I would like living in Toronto now. So glad to have found your blog. Some wonderful picture here!

    MC said...

    These look great! I think I need to make these for my friends!


    Unknown said...

    Things like this make me love being Canadian (in addition to hockey, winter in general, freedom, the list is really to long to continue). Grab a Beavertail to go with it and you're set!

    Chocolate Shavings said...

    Love those maple syrup action shots - yum!

    ian said...

    that looks exciting to eat! well at least for me... hahaha we don't have snow here in the philippines so im thinking on how to do my own version of that now... cheers!

    food for the blogs

    Unknown said...

    So much healthier than regular taffy. I will have to share this with my social media followers!

    Mjsokol said...

    You stole this idea from Caillou!