Friday, May 22, 2009

Canadian Food Bloggers On Twitter

AsparagusSince I started using Twitter (and yes, it's a bit of an addiction), I've met some other people with the same passion for food. Although many are from other countries, I have met several Canadian foodies who twitter and have a food blog. I thought I'd share the ones I know about, and I'll continue to add to this list as I make more twitter connections.

{Leave a comment to let me know if I've missed you on the list!}
Here are my coordinates:

Shari – Interested in food, curious about food stories, cooking, baking, photography, eating, learning, connecting.

And here's some #FollowFriday love...

Amanda - Communications Coordinator at CNW Group by day; food-lover by night. Okay, food-lover all the time. I also tweet at @CNWGroup

Langley, BC
Angie - Angie is the owner of Well Seasoned in Langley - the teaching kitchen and store full of specialty ingredients offers culinary inpiration

Charmian Christie - I'm a food and travel writer who loves to eat and explore.

@CheapEats Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario
CheapEats Ottawa - a guide to good inexpensive places to eat

Toronto, Ontario
Clivia - Basset owner, baker

Ivonne from Cream Puffs in Venice

Katerina - I like to cook, and am interested in all things food.

Dana - Canada's Food Trend Expert

Waterloo, Ontario
Welcome to my kitchen. I hope you can stand the heat. :)

dot-com veteran who loves all things web by day and all things food by night

Edible Vancouver: a print magazine about local food. Tweeting about tasty happenings, wine sips, recipes, gardening and food issues.

Take-home food store and full service catering. Weeknight dinners, cocktail parties, weddings and more.

Frédérique - 28 y. old, Ottawan, Foreign Service Officer, Lawyer, confused soul (not necessarily in that order)

Don - I blog about food, cooking, and eating in Canada's capital, Ottawa.

Official tweets from the team at about food news, recipes and more

Aimee - WAHM of 2, avid foodie and former chef, I blog my culinary adventures at

Gigi - Hoyummy is a very yummy Vancouver food blog.

Ian - Media coach. Trainer. Planner. Former press secretary. Local Food devote. Writer. Dog guy. Communicator by day, cook by night.

Julia - Imagelicious is a Toronto-based food photography studio run by Julia Konovalova specializing in food photography, still life photography and product photography.

Joyce - Local foodie in search of good food and good restaurants. Check out my food blog for my latest food adventures!

Ontario, Canada
Sarah from What Smells So Good?

Peter - Greek Food & Beyond...Hi, I'm Peter, a Canadian-born Greek who runs a nifty little blog about Greek and other delicious foods.

Vancouver, BC
Jeannette - i'm a web designer ( who likes to cook, bike around the city and craft. I also have an etsy shop:

Toronto, Ontario
Irene - love food, love music, love traveling

Ontario, Canada
Natashya - Home baker and cook, who's life has gone to the dogs.

Vancouver Island, BC
Hélène - I'm a foodie. I blog about food. I also like yoga, photography, travel, camping, reading, hiking, skiing, just to name a few. I'm doing the BBA Challenge.

Chicken Wings: Reviews Recipes News - looking for THE best Chicken Wings

Orangeville, Ontario
Roger - I'm a German and new in Canada, learning the language, passionate about food (married with a chef), love traveling and my cat ;-)

Marika - vegan freak with a mean sweet tooth, writer, photographer, activist, wordsmith, dreamer, crafty lady, coffee fiend, geek. have pen, will travel.

Madeleine - I'm a newly married woman, terrified of losing my ring, adjusting to my new name and I have a fierce passion for food. I'm also a wanna be gardener.

Matthew - Founder at Where food lovers connect to share their passion... Interested in food, cooking, eating, filmmaking, writing, music, and graphic design.


Natalie - Join my free wine e-newsletter at Lots of delicious wines and food pairings.

Cranbrook BC
Karen -Wife to a computer nerd, mother of a future computer nerd.5 pin bowler, Scrapbooker and Lottery ticket seller.

Niagara, Ontario
21 Wineries of unforgettable place.

Nicolina Servello - Love everything food related and discovering and sharing all the fabulous jems out there. {Although Nicolina doesn't have a blog, her tweets are definitely worth following!}

Carrie - Psst. It’s not about the marbling. Like to help folks discover what artisan meat really is & connect you to the good people who raise it.Yes, I’m a Beef Geek.

Ottawa, Ontario
Melissa from Plum Cake.

Andrea - Restaurant reviews, food-related thoughts and musings in 140 characters or less. Also @foxymoron

Recipe magnet, Fridge filler (have 3 teenaged fridge emptiers). YogaChick, Urban tree hugger.

Prince Edward Island
Cory - Whether it is about food techniques, food tips, recipes or meal suggestions in a rush - this is your one stop food shop. Everything simple and easy!


NKP said...

Cool! Some day I would like to visit this Ca-Na-Da and hope that they will accept me as their own... hey, wait a minute! :)
Cream puff is on Twitter too, Dragon is Canadian as well I think.
I'll let you know if I can think of any others.

vibi said...

I'm on twitter too... but haven't been updating, ever... for like you say, I'm kinda affraid I'll gett addicted to it! LOL

But some time I will... and thank you for mentionning all the neighgours I'll be able to twit with!

Elyse said...

I still haven't really figured out what to do with my Twitter account. Help, Shari! Do I have to update it all the time? What do you use yours for?

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

Love that list.

I'm from Canada also, Vancouver Island.


shanna said...

Great list! Don't forget @kickpleat of! She's from Vancouver!

Jamie said...

Hmmm - my son is trying to convince me to go Twitter. And, yes, another addiction? He he...

Kayte said...

Yes, well, I'd like to speak to you a little about this Twitter business...building it up and all until I was unable to resist, and NOW it is addicting. You are a bad, bad influence...LOL...just kidding. It's like one big party all the time, circulating and chatting, only lacking the cocktail in hand.

Hindy said...

Another Twitter-literate Toronto foodie here!


My blog is:

Dragon said...

Thanks for doing this! It's great to find local bloggers. :)

Sippity Sup said...

Shari, but I am not Canadian! GREG

Julia said...

Wow, thank you for this post. It's so great to find so many fellow canadian food blogs. I am very new to twitter, but you can find me at and my blog/site is

Aimée said...

Excellent list, Sheri. I hadn't heard of many of these Tweeple. Thanks for doing my homework!

A Canadian Foodie said...

I am on Twitter too - another twirpson out there celebrating Canadian Food... add me to your list.
Every blog is updated to Twitterr.

Tasting Toronto said...

Hi Shari,

Great list! is also on Twitter @tastingtoronto

We're a couple of foodies sharing restaurant reviews, food festival coverage and anything food that crosses our minds :)
Thanks, Mark.

Cookin' Canuck said...

Another Canadian food blogger for your list (though currently living in the U.S.)